Clinical Nutrition

Discover the difference of a customized plant-based diet for weight loss, health, beauty, and longevity. Dr. Leon merges over 10 years of nutrition expertise with state-of-the art testing and analysis to determine the perfect diet for your physiology and personal goals. Learn how to eat healthy, lose weight, and prevent diabetes, obesity, and heart disease with whole foods and vitamins.


Dr. Leon takes the time to review your health history and assess your current state of well-being to design a program best suited for your needs. You will learn about the amazing benefits of a balanced, plant-based diet, and how organic, nutritious foods are linked to longevity and radiant health, in conjunction with the world's leading pharmaceutical-grade vitamin therapy for lifetime wellness and disease prevention. Additionally, Dr. Leon and his team may recommend a raw juicing program to cleanse and detoxify your body from the cellular level up, helping it replenish with essential nutrients for lifetime wellness, inside and out.


Lose weight, look great, and feel years younger with Dr. Leon's clinical nutrition program. Schedule your personal consultation today.




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