Enhance the brain-body connection, improve your performance, and prevent disease with the latest advancements in science without drugs or surgery. Leading brain expert, Dr. Shannon Leon, uses safe, natural, and effective treatments to help patients from around the world suffering from various conditions; ranging from traumatic brain injuries and movement disorders,

to learning difficulties and spinal pain. 


Functional neurology re-connects the relationship between the brain

and body to treat and reverse symptoms, and expand on the medical concept physical and mental wellness to the highest level. An exciting,

leading-edge approach to healthcare, functional neurology assesses and treats an individual's diagnoses and/or dysfunction on a holistic level; incorporating brain function, neural efficiency, physical health, mental

stability, and overall well-being.


Most patients with acute symptoms leave their initial visit feeling vibrantly enhanced and remarkably improved, while others with more advanced

or chronic conditions exhibit relief and/or remission after following their complete treatment plan. Discover what is possible for you.


Functional Neurology


Monday - Thursday 12-7 | Friday 10-5

Kindly arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled visit. If you are a new patient, please have your paperwork completed before your appointment.



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